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Our Club was started in Merrill, Wisconsin, in September of 1972. At that time the club was known as “North Central Corvette Club". After some time the name of the Club was changed to the current name “Corvettes of the North". The club was started for people that were proud of the sports car that they owned; to have the ability to get together and experience the knowledge, fun and driving excitement their cars offered. Along with the thrill of owning a Corvette came the special ties they had with other Corvette owners. They had meetings almost every month to plan for upcoming events and things that the members had done for the Club. They worked with area businesses, to allow discounts for the members and they in turn would then patronage those businesses. They did fundraisers for area organizations that needed the help. One of the first donations was to “The Rawhide Boys Ranch".

Throughout the years many things have changed. The cars have changed, some people in the club have changed, and the places and people that we have helped have changed, but the reason the club was organized hasn't. To drive our cars, and to have fun while doing it. The friendship’s on the weekends don't just stop till the next outing, they are there forever. Just like a VETTE.

Every year Corvettes of the North gives thousands of dollars to area organizations of Central Wisconsin as donations, scholarships, etc. We are proud of our cars, our people and the area we live in.

If you have the same passion that we have for the Corvette and want to be part of an awesome group of people that have fun with their cars and friends then please use the contact link above to get more info.

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Corvettes of the North